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David Middlebrook has an art career spanning over twenty five years and includes thirty solo exhibitions along the east coast of Australia (Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane and Newcastle). His work is held in numerous public and private collections, including 9 Regional Galleries, and he has received numerous awards including the Bendigo Bank Tattersall's National Landscape Art Award.
David’s work is based in the Australian landscape and he specialises in large paintings and drawings, dealing with tone and space. David is a full time artist, and has a PhD in the history of Australian landscape painting and drawing. David travels for up to two months each year through remote parts of Australia drawing, researching and pursuing his interest in isolation and artist as explorer. David has also pursued these interests in landscapes as diverse as Greece, Jordan, Italy, Asia and Antarctica. His painting practice pays homage to, and reflects the influences of both Chinese and European landscape painting history. You can visit David’s website at:

Classes in drawing and painting
The Chalet offers a variety of classes from 2 days to 5 days in painting and drawing and basic print making. In the drawing classes students will learn a variety of skills and techniques that can transfer to all drawing media. The emphasis is on pen and ink with some mixed media, and will range in applications from instant note taking (travel drawing) to highly finished studio works.


Work at your own ability and level within a class structure and complete a drawing book, numerous studies and three completed studio works, still life, landscape and the figure. This course is not precious and students will be working on any paper that can hold a mark, the aim being to produce drawings that are as natural as handwriting. Students will also be encouraged to discuss and verbally express their learned knowledge and opinions of each other’s artworks in a gentle, constructive and generous environment.

All students will be able to use these skills to improve and enhance their drawings. The emphasis being on Art, the techniques and processes taught are appropriate for all levels.

Five day package
Classes run for 5 days from Monday to Friday and are held from 9.30am to 2.30pm.
Tutoring only package includes morning tea and lunch from Monday to Friday, and a celebration dinner on the Friday evening.
Accommodation package includes six nights accommodation, six breakfasts and dinner on the Monday and Wednesday. Check in is after 2pm on Sunday and check out is on Saturday morning. Please click here to see the flyer with all details. Booking conditions apply.

Two day weekend package
Details will be available soon, please check back or contact us if you would like the information sent to you once it is available.